Garbage disposal against human

Hello, everybody,

I want to tell you a story about how I got a new scar on my hand.

I already had a lot, thanks to my work field, but this one differs a bit. I got it during cleaning.

I made a dinner to my friends two weeks ago. After we had a great time, I had to clean the dishes. I was nearly ready with them when I realised that there is a little leftover which I could shred by using my garbage disposal, so I put the food into it. Unfortunately, when I let it destroy some of the bigger parts, it shut down and pushed back the food, plus one of its blade. The blade caught my hand, fortunately, without hitting any vein.

Of course, I shut the electricity instantly and went for my first aid kit. I made a small bondage which was just enough until I reached for a doctor. They hardly believed my story. They thought and said that I had to be in a fight because the wound looks exactly like a knife cut…

After a week my hand was better than before. I could already use it for any kind of activity I wanted. The first thing I did was searching for a new, but much better garbage disposal. I browsed the internet for three hours until I found proper garbage disposal reviews with tonnes of comments and feedbacks:

There I found a huge steel garbage disposal, with 5 years of warranty. The blades inside this device are 1 feet deep, so there is literally no chance of the same issue.

Yes, you are right, most of the people would never use a garbage disposal after an incident like mine, but guys, you know me. I know how machines work and I rely on them. Maybe one of them had a flaw, but not all of them.

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