Creation and massage chair

Hey folks!

Do you know why is it good to work as a construction worker?

You can see how things are created by your bare hands. This could be very-very uplifting – at least for me.

And do you know why is it bad to work as a construction worker?

Your body isn’t designed to that kind of work, which brings some unpleasant little things, such as osteoarthritis and pain in your back.

By the time I reached my 35th birthday I visited a masseur twice a week. There is two problem with this:

  • it is time consuming and
  • it is very expensive.

But back then I didn’t know what else could I did. This was the only solution to my problems.

Fortunately I made up my mind and started to look for some kind of alternative. This is how I read about „how to substitute a masseur”. The writer suggested to buy a high quality massage chair and use it to release the pain – every day.

The more I read about this topic, the more affirmation I found to that statement. So I continued my research and this is how I ended up on a comparison site, that provided massage chair reviews. Thanks to the author of the site, I could chose the best massage chair to my back pain. It costed a lot, but for me this is an investment that will surely show a return.


I wasn’t even near to a masseur in the previous six months, my back pain is gone and my health is better than it was back in my 20s.

This Kahuna massage chair really worth every dollar I spent on it.

So guys, if you do manual labor, treat your body well (that is your work „tool”). Let your body refresh itself sometimes.

Furthermore I suggest you to try to watch a match while you are sitting in a chair like mine – it is incomparable.


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