Aging and gas ranges

By the time you reach the age of 35 you will realize what you still miss in life. That’s simple because you can afford every gadget you want and then come the feeling that you want to do something else. Something more than just chilling (which a natural part of the human life).

This is how I came to the statement that I want to learn how to cook. Not even the most manly thing that I could choose, but my self-inspiration said that I have to learn it.

Before 30 I never believed in predetermination or anything like that, but now I feel that no matter what I have to learn how to cook. (It was a little bit hard to admit it, even to myself.)

First thing I had to do was to find a correct and reliable gas range. To do this I believe the best idea is to start searching on the internet. For example you can find great discussions over nearly every topic if you know how to find them. In this case I searched for the best gas range reviews and I found almost instantly what I looked for on this very website: That’s it, not magic, just logic.

This is how I now own a small and easy to use LG manufactured gas range that fits perfectly to my kitchen. Thanks to that I could start to train myself to cook for myself (first time in the history of humanity).

my lg gas range

After that, I called the internet for help again. Now I’m watching cooking shows on youtube. Some youtuber create real time cooking videos which gives you enough time to prepare everything without the urge to pause the video. This way it is much easier and you won’t make your computer dirty.

I already learned how to cook a proper dinner. The problem I’m facing in this moment is, that I made a little bit too much out of everything.  Anybody want to help to eat them? [Szimbólum]

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